[2015 portable HIFI flagship product audition] haman chang to listen to the sound of music

On November 7, 2015 in Shanghai pu road there will be a more than 50 first-line brand free listening activities. Activity by One of the organizers of SIAV Canon video promotion agency elaborate, VIP5 haman special performance in the exhibition hall, with numerous star product exhibition, more just released JBL MS402.802 and CM102.2024 desktop desktop audio in the convention on the day of the exhibition, in addition to JBL Pulse2. Charge2 +. Hit flip3 such loans and Infinity One portable speaker bullies are on display, such as the scene, a full listen the music lovers. Day in addition to the launch, flagship auditions and sweepstakes and interactive "jilt headphones" activities.

Field test the listener is numerous, activities, and interactive prize is for the general test such as the listener enjoying this way of auditory feast at the same time increase a delicious "happy"