After sales policy

1, out of the bad before replacement


Pre-sale out bad new, be sure to complete packing accessories, the inner packing condition, no deformation, fuselage and outer packing number consistent, fuselage, no scratches, when to send back for a second packaging, guarantee the outer packing in good condition.

When it is necessary to provide packaging, machine photos, application needs.

The sale before the machine concept:

Unpacking the loss (include: the inner packing, accessories, paper manuals, host, and wire), before selling to end users and sales within 15 days after the factory (in sales invoice) to give normal change new (note: the premise is artificial damage, normal product and packaging accessories, more than 99 new logistics caused damage to judge the other needs to be specific).

2, after replacement, maintenance: received by harman after-sales service network

After 7 to 15 days replacement, maintenance, qualify for maintenance, spare parts purchase please contact haman after-sales network.

After machine concepts:

Have been selling products to customers, time more than 15 days within 1 year (the invoice time shall prevail), for normal maintenance services.

About maintenance logistics cost:

For local pit can be directly sent to the site maintenance, nonlocal pit can arrange logistics delivery, freight half on both sides.